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Welcome To The Family

I last focused on our family history sometime in 2011. Life got pretty busy at that time and, priorities being priorities, something had to give.

But at that time, I also made a pledge to return to this DNA-inspired passion of mine. The little newsletters I had distributed to family members all stated: “” Coming Soon!

I suppose “soon” is relative. I did not expect it would be 2019. So, why now?

The other pledge I made to my myself, unannounced, had me launching this web site before the centennial of my father’s birth. And so it is. Today is November 28, 2019 and is that centennial. So, this web site is a tribute of sorts to the man himself, and in the very first post, you can read the text of that tribute.

My hope and prayer is that this web site will bring some enjoyment to our family members, and perhaps connect them, one to another. The banner of my newsletters stated the mission well: “History – Heritage – Homage”. It is now the banner on this web site. My mission is to present our common history to educate and edify, to demonstrate the riches of the inheritance received from our common forebears, and to pay homage to those forebears who, without which, we would not be here today to reap and enjoy the prosperity they sowed and bequeathed to us over the last 115 years.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t include in my mission the hope that new connections will be made via this effort. I hope to give each of us the avenues to connect to long-lost cousins and family members unbeknownst, and do that in a respectful and secure manner.

This web site is and will remain “under construction” for some time. Priorities being priorities, I am unsure how much time I can devote to it. So, I would ask you to be understanding and patient as I try to realize the mission stated above. I will have new information regarding the web site and how to use it in future posts.

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